Close a Project

When you are done working on a project, you should close it out to stay organized and efficient. Keep reading to find out how.

1. Navigate to your Projects Page, find the Project you wish to close and click on its title:

2. Under the Admin tab, you will see the Project Status section at the very top. Click on the edit icon:

3. Under the Project Status screen, you will need to click on the current Project Status, then select Closed. 

You can optionally alter the official close date and choose a reason for closing the Project. The reason options for closing a project include Placement, No Contract, Cancelled, Terminated and Internal Hire

When you are done, click on the blue Save button to implement your changes:

4. Closed Projects can be reopened at any time. To remove a project permanently from the system, click on the blue Delete button at the lower-left corner of the Project Status screen as seen above.

Gong Reports
A Gong Report provides a brief overview of a closed project marked "placement". Please note that Gong reports will not send for any projects marked 'internal' or 'confidential'.

Also note, any future updates to the closed project will not generate or send out a gong report unless the user wants to.

Remember, these reports can be disabled and enabled within the Firm Settings.


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