Choose Client Visibility Settings

Here, we will show you how to manage what data your clients can see within a given project.

Begin by navigating to the project you wish to change visibility settings on. Click on the Projects menu option, find the project and click on the title:

Click on the Admin tab then scroll down until you see the Candidate Data Visible to Clients section. There are many Candidate visibility options that can be set at the project level. These settings affect the default visibility status of individual candidates within the system, but individual client visibility settings can still be changed on a Person by Person basis:

These project visibility settings have default values that can be changed at the Firm level. This comes in very handy when you are creating a large number of projects with limited client visibility options.

Highlighted Examples

Date Setting

The Candidate Date Setting changes the value displayed to the Client when they log into Clockwork to review Candidates. Users can choose to display dates with a obscured value that posts “Last 7 Days” for Candidates edited, added, or presented within the Last 7 Days or he can choose to show the actual date that the candidate was edited, added or presented.

Color Category

Users can create a color scheme with their clients. The colors can only be changed by Users. The color preferences can be chosen and assigned to match your desired results.

IF Color Category is enabled, Color Category is displayed to Client Users in the following locations:

  • Candidate Panel
  • Candidate View
  • Long List
  • Status Report


If website visibility is enabled, Clients can see website information in:

  • Candidate View "View Details" section
  • Candidate Panel
  • Candidate Record


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