Firm Settings: Custom Gong Report

The Custom Gong Report is an Add On Service that allows Pro Tier Firms the ability to select the data they want included in the report and who to distribute the report to. Please note that Gong reports will not send for any projects marked 'internal' or 'confidential'.

The custom field selections must be requested and turned on by the Firms’ Account Manager. These are the options to choose from:

Project Details
Client Company
Project Title
Project Industry
Project Type
Firm Team
Placement Information
Closing Reason
Placed Candidate Name
Official Title
Candidate Start Date
Official Start Date
Official Close Date
Candidate Placed From Position/Company
Billing Details
Project Fees
Project Fees Description
Contract Attachment w/Select Type Drop down

Users can toggle Gong Reports to on/off for your Firm. To do this, access “Firm Settings” and click the “Settings” tab. Scroll down the page to Gong Report Settings. Here you will see the on/off option for the Gong Reports. 

When Custom Gong Report is enabled, Users can have the gong reports distributed to All Users, Partners Only, or Specific Distribution in the Gong Report Settings. Using Specific Distribution allows Users to enter specific emails for distribution. After typing in an email, click “Tab” or “Enter” on your keyboard to enter in the next email address. Once you are done entering in the emails, select Save.

Specific Distribution allows Custom Gong Reports to be sent to your billing, or someone that might need that information but does not need access to Clockwork.

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