Quick Search: Projects

If you have numerous Projects and you spend time rummaging through them trying to find the one project you need, use the convenient quick search bar that can be found on every page on Clockwork.

Head over to the search bar located at the top right of the screen. When you click in the field, the category will appear. Click on the category name and a drop-down will appear with other categories you can search in. For this article, you will select Projects:

Once you have selected Projects from the drop-down, simply type in the name of the Project you are looking for. All matching project names will appear below. 

Quick Search matches the first three typed characters within the projects database and generates a scrollable suggestions list of projects. You can either hit Enter to be taken to the matching project(s) or click on a specific project:

Additional Quick Search Guidelines:
Each project in the suggestion list has the following information:

  • Avatar 
  • Client Company
  • Project Name
  • Status
  • Open Date


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