Note Mentions

The Mentions feature enables firms to mention “@” other firm users and clients within the notes editor to draw focus and attention to a particular note or next steps. Mentions also enables firm users to link to other objects in Clockwork (companies, projects, deals) using “#” within the notes editor. 

How To Start Using Mentions?

  • You can @ a team member or a client in a note.
  • You can # an object (company, project or deal) to link to it in a note.
  • You can search First and Last names with a space. Example:@ or #pragya(space)datta.

    For Example:
    @ in project and candidacy note
    @ in People, company, deals note
    # in project and candidacy note
    # in People, company, deals note

  • The Mentions tab displays @ and # inside of the Person, Company, Project, or Deals Notes section.
  • The title next to the date and time stamp shows where the original note has been filed.  

How Will You Receive Mentions Notifications?

  • Your Mentions Notifications will correspond with the desired notification preference inside of your profile:
    Email, In App, and Web Push

How Does Mentions Benefit Your Firm?

  • Streamlines communication and collaboration - Mentions lets firm users collaborate more efficiently with other users and clients without leaving Clockwork.
  • Track relationships across Clockwork - Mentions allows you to connect, link and visualize relationships between objects (people, projects companies, deals, etc.)
  • Reduce time taken in feedback loops - Mentions enables firm users to draw a client’s or team member's focus to a particular note. 

Which Of The 8 Stages / Your Process Does Mentions Support?

Clockwork was founded upon and developed specifically for search firms who follow the " The 8 Stages Of Successful Executive Search." Of these 8 Stages, Mentions supports the below areas within your executive search process. 

  • Stage 3: (Strategy) - Creating richer links between users, people and objects
  • Stage 4: (Research) - Capturing insights and intelligence during sourcing
  • Stage 6: (Assessment) - Collaborate with clients, by helping them focus on specific notes, comments and next steps on candidates.
  • Stage 7: (Decision) - Close the feedback loop between clients and firm to close searches faster.

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