Project Dashboard: Notes

Project Dashboard notes allow you to communicate with your Client and other Firm team members easily. What’s the status of the project? Any news from the week? Any important sentiment to communicate regarding new candidates or the Client? Keep them all in one central location while using the visibility settings to share, or not, the updates with Clients.

1. Within a Project, click "Dashboard" from the Project Navigation menu.

2. At the bottom of the Dashboard screen there is a Notes area. Click "Add" to create a new Note. 

3. In the Add Note window, you can select a Note Template and Type. There is also the option to attach a file. Notes can be emailed by clicking "Email Team" and/or "Email Client." There is also the option to toggle the Visibility settings on the Note on/off. Click "Save" when done.

4. To edit a completed Note click the menu icon. Within this window you can Edit, Reply, Pin Note or Delete. 

*If you would like to hide the Notes Section from your Client's Dashboard you can do so by toggling on/off the Visibility Settings as shown here

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