Internal Project Notes

You can add Internal Project Notes to any project through the steps we show here.

1. First, navigate to the Projects page, find the Project you want to add notes to, then click on its title:

2. Then click on the Admin tab. Scroll all the way to the bottom until you see the Notes heading. Here, you can see any existing internal notes. These notes cannot be shown to clients. Click on Add a new note... to proceed:

3. You will be able to type in your note and set the Note Type to the right. The note type acts as a kind of label for the note itself. 

There is also the Notify the Team checkbox which will generate emails to project team members once the note is added. You may also upload internal files to the Project which can come in very handy. 

When you are all set, click on Save Note to finish. 

5. Notes can easily be replied, edited, or deleted after they are added by clicking on the respective action icons under the body of the note:

6. To add notes that can be internal or external (client facing), head on over to the Projects > Dashboard tab and scroll to the bottom.


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Why can't I see the notes I made?

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