Internal Project Notes

You can add Internal Project Notes to any project through the steps we show here.

First, navigate to the Projects page, find the Project you want to add notes to, and then click on the title:

Then click on the Admin view. At the top of the Admin view, you'll see the Notes heading. Here, you can see any existing internal notes. These notes cannot be seen by clients unless you select the box to Send to "Email Client". Click on the "+" icon... to proceed:

Users can @ a team member or a client in the Internal note. The note will have to be made visible for client to see a note they have been tagged in.
Please Note: If a project is Hidden Internally then you will only be able to tag @ users that are Team Members on that project specifically.

You will be able to type in your note and set the Note Type to the right. The note type is a label for the note itself so you can sort, find, and analyze your notes by the selected types. 

There is also the Notify the Team and Client checkbox which will generate emails to project team members once the note is added. You may also upload files to the Project which can come in very handy. When you are all set, click on Save Note to finish.

Note: The arrow below is pointing to a resize of the Note box. You can make it smaller or extend it by clicking on the area and dragging the box. 

If the client's notifications are turned OFF in this project then they will not be a selectable option. Hover your cursor over the grayed out client and a pop over will explain why you can not tag the client.

Users can link # an object (candidate, company, project or deal) to a note. 

Once you begin typing a link in the Note, the objects will be split by their category. If you do not see your desired choice then clicking on the arrow at the end of the category will display the rest of your potential selections.
This feature is available immediately after you use the # to link.

The Mentions tab will display notes where the Project has been linked. In this case, the note has also been stored under Segun's person record since he has been tagged.

Notes can easily be replied, edited, or deleted after they are added by clicking on the respective action icons under the body of the note:


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