Candidate Panel: Notes-Add/Edit/Reply

Users have the ability to Add, Edit & Reply to Notes within the Candidate Panel in Grid View.

[Expand window to work on notes and see card]

Add A Note
Click the "+" sign at the bottom-RIGHT of the notes page to add a note.

The Note window will populate offering all the usual Note options: Template, Type, Visibility toggle, etc.

Please Note: The Text Area of the note can be opened or minimized by dragging the highlighted area UP or DOWN. This creates more space if your notes are typically smaller or if you need more space to see the entire note without scrolling.

Select your options and complete your note.

Click "Save" and the Candidate panel within Grid View reappears. You will now see the note that you added.

Edit A Note
Click the "Note Context Menu" within the note that you would like to edit. You will notice other options as well including: Reply, Hide Visibility, Pin Note & Delete.

Clicking Edit opens the "Edit Note" window which allows you to edit your Note to your liking. You also have the option of dragging and dropping files into the note.

After making your edits and saving them, you will then be taken back to the Notes panel showing all of your notes including the edits made as seen below. In this example the text was edited and an .png file was added to the note.

Reply To A Note
Select the note that you would like to reply to then click the "Note Context Menu" which populates the drop down options. Click "Reply" to start the process.

The notes window will populate allowing you to add a reply; you may also select a Template that you may have created. Enter in your information then click "Reply".

Once saved you will be taken back to the main notes page where you can confirm your reply was added by clicking "Show Replies" under the note you replied to. If by chance you need to edit the reply, you can do so by following the same steps within this article.

Note Mentions

Users can @ a team member or a client in a note. You can search First and Last names with a space. Example:@ or #Bruce(space)Banner.

Please Note: If a project is Hidden Internally then you will only be able to tag @ users that are Team Members on that project specifically.

If the client's notifications are turned OFF in this project then they will not be a selectable option. Hover your cursor over the grayed out client and a pop over will explain why you can not tag the client.

You can # an object (candidate, company, project or deal) to link to it in a note.

In the example, we are still looking at Jason Butler's candidate panel. Clicking on the Mentions slider will show us all notes that he has been mentioned in.

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