Why can't I see the notes I made?

Notes made on a Candidate record are accessed through the Project and are tagged as belonging to that project.

When you click "Show details" under a candidate's name inside of a project, you’re looking at their Candidate Record. This record will pull a good deal of contact & employment information from the person's Contact Record but will only show you Notes and Files that are relevant to this project. 

After clicking "Show Details", the details expand beneath the candidate's name.

When you scroll down the "Show details" box you will find the " Notes" section at the very bottom.

When you click on the "Candidate's name"  or find them in your "People" tab, you will be taken to the Contact Record. Notes made on a person's contact record ARE NOT associated with any one project, therefore, won't show up in the "Show Details" area for a candidate within a project. 

To change the location of an existing note so that it can be seen in a certain project, click the "Pencil (edit)" icon of the note and select where you want the note to be filed from the drop-down list provided. Be sure to hit " Save Note" to properly save.


Client Visibility on Notes

Choose Client Visibility Settings

Project Clients - Viewing as Client

Invite a Client to View a Project

View Aggregated Notes

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