Mark a Project as Confidential

Marking projects as Confidential is ideal for projects for which you do not want to send out firm-wide communications (related to the project being opened and/or closed, ie. gong reports). Like all projects in Clockwork, this project will not display on the dashboard of any member unless they are an active team member.

Confidential settings on projects now allow for Three settings:
  1. Confidential: Only Confidential is selected. A lock appears on the project and the project is viewable by all Firm Users.
  2. Confidential + Hide Setting: The Hide setting removes all project listings, data, notes, and candidates from Firm Users view unless the Firm User is also a project team member.
  3. Confidential + Hide Setting w/ the Lock Toggle in Firm Settings: This requires that the Confidential and Hide settings be active on a project. If the Confidential Hide Settings Toggle in Firm Settings is set to ON, all Firm Users will see a Lock on affiliated person records, but will NOT see the cause for that affiliation. The Project remains hidden.

If you decide that you need your Project to be set to Confidential, follow the instructions below.

To create a new project and set it as Confidential and/or Internal right off the bat, head over to your  Projects menu item on the left side of the screen and click the blue Start a new project button.

In a side panel, you will be asked to fill out your Project details. Make sure you click the  Confidential check box to mark the project and then click the Create button on the bottom right to successfully create your Project.

If you want to mark an already existing project as confidential, simply head over to your Project page by clicking the  Projects menu item on your left side of the screen, and select your project from the list. You can also use the Quick Search bar on the upper right corner of your screen for faster access.

Inside of the Project

On your Project page, make sure you are on the  Admin tab. You will find the Project Settings below.

On this page, simply tick the  Confidential checkbox under the Project Settings. If you would like to Hide this project then you will have that option available to you after clicking Confidential. 

To learn best practices on how best to utilize  Confidential projects, contact us at

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