Project Internal Tab

The Internal tab is for the internal team and provides an overview of the project activity broken down by user, time frame and actions taken. This is also an area where you can identify tasks that relate to the project, attach internal project-related files, and see recent project activity.

To access the Internal tab, first navigate to the Projects page, find the project you wish to work on, and click on its title:

2. Look for the Internal tab, and click on it. Scrolling down, you will see Project Activity Summary, Tasks, Attachments, and Recent Project Activity:

3. Project Activity Summary provides an analysis of notes made, actions taken, and allows you to change the date range displayed:

4. Tasks shown in the next section are all project related and are usually tied to a candidate. 

Here, you can also create a new task, edit or delete tasks, or filter and view existing tasks:

5. Internal Attachments let you securely upload and share files with other members of the team.

6. Recent Project Activity shows all activity associated with a project. It can be filtered by event type, actor, and date range. The results can be exported as an Excel file:


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