Coverage Status in Strategy View

When your team or clients determine that you have found enough candidates from a certain company, you may choose to check the  Coverage Complete box next to the company to keep track of things. To access the area where you can toggle this, follow the steps below.

Head over to your Project page by clicking the Projects menu item on your left side of the screen, and select your project from the list. You can also use the Quick Search bar on the upper right corner of your screen for faster access.

2.  Go to your Strategy tab, and scroll down until you see your Target Companies. Under this section, you will be able to see all of your Target Companies with useful information on their right. You can refer to the Coverage Status here in order to tell if you have completed the recruiting process. 

Under the Coverage Complete column , you can click the check boxes to indicate that this company is done.

NOTE: Clicking a box under the Coverage Complete column will affect the overall Coverage Status.

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