Project Clients - Viewing as Client

An important part of Clockwork Recruiting software is sharing just the right information with your clients. 

In this article, we will show you how to temporarily assume the role of a client within your Clockwork account so you can be sure your client has a good experience when visiting your portal.

The first step to viewing the system as a client is to navigate to the Projects page. Click on the Projects menu item, then find and select a project by clicking on the Project Title:

2. Once you are there, you will see several tabs. On that same line, bottom left, you will see the View as Client option:

3. Clicking on the View as Client link will bring you to a new page that shows a limited number of Project tabs. Take a moment to click through all the tabs, try exporting a report, and so forth. Look for anything that is missing or out of place before meeting with your client. 

The client may not see all the tabs (such as Position or Strategy) if those tabs are completely empty. Clockwork hides tabs that have no data in them. If you would like those tabs to appear, just click on Exit Client View to go back to your version of the platform and add data:

*Please note: If the Project status is "On Hold", then this option will not be made available to the firm's Users. Changing the status to one of the other drop-down options (Active or Pitch) will automatically turn back on the "View as Client" option.


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