Mark a Project as Internal

Marking projects as Internal designates that the search is only for the firm’s internal use - not for client presentation purposes. Common uses of  Internal projects include business development, marketing, and candidate classification (running lists). The number of days active will NOT contribute to your firm’s overall project stats.

If you decide that you need your Project to only be set to Internal, follow the instructions below.

To create a new project and set it as Internal right off the bat, head over to your Projects menu item on the left side of the screen and click the blue Start a new project button.

In a side panel, you will be asked to fill out your Project details. Make sure you tick the Internal checkbox to mark the project as internal and then click the Create button on the bottom right to successfully create your Project.

If you want to mark an already existing project as internal, simply head over to your Project page by clicking the Projects menu item on your left side of the screen, and select your project from the list. You can also use the Quick Search bar on the upper right corner of your screen for faster access.

On your Project page, make sure you are on the Admin tab. You will find the Project Settings below. Click on the Edit icon to proceed.

On this page, simply click the Internal checkbox under the Project Settings, and click the blue Save button. This will also be the same instructions you have to follow if you want to mark your Project as Confidential. And now the process is complete.

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