People: Actions

Below is an overview of how to use Actions in the People View.

Please Note: Group actions can not be performed on lists of people over 1000. In order for the select check box to appear Users must filter their people results down to under 1000 records.

1. Select a Person by clicking the check box next to their name. An action menu will appear.
Action options are: Show Columns, Save Settings, Add to Project, Add Note, Email and Merge

Add to Project

Add selected people to a Project

Add Note

Add a note to selected people. Customize the note with Templates or Type. 
Note: Images can be added to these Notes.


Send an email to your selected people. You can customize with a Template type.
Note: Images can be added to these Mass Mails.


Select two people and click "merge" to merge two people records into one. 

After clicking to Merge the person records you will see a message confirming if you would like to merge the selected records.

The Modals mentioned above can be moved around and rearranged when opened. You will still have the ability to work behind the modal and complete it when you are ready.

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