Configure: Note Template

Configure, create, edit & delete Templates within your Firm's account. Please know that templates can also be accessed when sending out mass mail through the Grid View

Create A Note Template
1. Access your Firm's settings.

2. Click the "Configure" view.

3. Click the box on the left side and select "Note Templates" from the drop down box.

4. Click the "+ Add Template" box.

5. The template will pop up at which point you will "Title" and add "Content" to the note you wish to create - once complete click "Add".

6. Your Note Template will then appear within a list of all the Note Templates you have created. You can then edit or delete each note as you'd like.

Edit / Delete A Note Template
1. To edit or delete a template click the "3 dots" to the right of the template line. You can choose to either edit or delete the template.

2. To complete deletion, click "Delete" within the pop up window.

Mass Mail
You may also select a template when composing an email from within the New Grid View. Templates are available when sending an email to one or multiple candidates as seen below:

Client Invite

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