Candidate Panel: Notes-Pin Notes

Pinning a Note allows you to pin an important note to the top position of all of your listed notes. Pinning a note from the candidate panel will only display the pinned note for the user who selected this option.
The user-specific note-pin displays for the record in People view and inside of a project.

Please Note: If the Auto-Pin note feature is selected in the Firm Settings then the user-specific note pins will no longer display so the Firm-wide Auto-Pin note type takes priority.

To Pin Note
Find the note that you would like to "Pin" then click the "Note Context Menu". A small window will populate that includes the "Pin Note" option.

Pinning the note creates a "Pin" icon in the top left corner of the note. This pushes the note to the top of all other notes and is a symbol if importance to you & to others.

To remove the pin, simply click the "Note Context Menu" and click "Unpin Note". This returns the note to it's original order within all your listed notes.

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