Firm Settings: Auto-Pin Note

After reading this article, you will know the details of the Auto-pin feature used in the candidate panel for a chosen Note Type. Auto-pin notes is true on People view and Candidate Panel.

1. Navigate to Firm Settings and click on the “Settings” tab. Choose “Edit” next to Auto-pin Note to select the desired type (for this article Feedback was chosen). 

2. After changing your setting, choose the candidate you would like to leave the note for in the candidate panel. Inside the candidate panel, the correct Note Type has to be selected before saving it.

NOTE: After any changes in the candidate panel for a note, the entire page has to be refreshed for the change to update.

After clicking “Save” and before refreshing the page.After clicking “Save” and after refreshing the page.

3. When a following note of the same type is created then the pin will move to the most recent note automatically.

4. If a user tries to pin a note from the candidate panel that is not part of the Auto-pin, the pin will move to that note but once the page is refreshed, the pin goes back to the recent Auto-Pin Note Type.



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