Search by Target Companies

Here, we will show you how to search for People by Target Categories or Companies. To learn more about how to create categories and company lists, see this article.

First, navigate to the Projects page and select the project you are working on:

Under the Strategy tab you can either click on the Search Within All Categories link or Search Within Category links to perform those respective actions:

Clicking on these options will take you to the People search page, with the correct companies pre-populated into the search filter fields:

*Please note that an alternate method of performing this same search is to simply go directly to the People page, and manually select just the companies you wish to target.

The Return to Strategy link will take you back into the Strategy View.

As you begin adding candidates to your search project who are either current or past employees of these companies, you will see numbers populate into those sections accordingly to reflect your coverage of the target companies.

If your team or clients determine that you have found enough candidates from a certain company, you or they may choose to check the Coverage Complete box next to the company.

If you have questions about this feature, or would like to schedule a best practices session, reach out to our Customer Success Team at


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