Create Target Company Lists

The  Strategy tab in a project offers you a way to build a list of Target Companies that your team and clients can collaborate on to define your search parameters. Here, we will show you how to create and manage Target Company lists.

First, click on the Projects Main Menu option. Find the Project you want to work on and click on the title:

Navigate to the Strategy tab of your project, and click on the "+Add Target List link.

A new pop up will appear blank, showing the Title of your Target Companies, followed by drop downs to fulfill your feature. Clockwork will save any category lists you create, so any list you build in a project will be reusable on a future search. Select Save and Add Tag to begin creating a new list:

Once you have entered the companies and tags list's name, the category will be saved. However, for it to appear in your list of target companies, you must add at least one company. 

You can add a company to the list from the Companies field simply by typing the name of the company you would like to add. Once you begin typing, you will see a drop-down box appear that includes a list of matching Companies then click apply.

Remember,  the company must first exist in your Companies database in order for that company to appear here:

Once you have worked through the setup screens, be sure to click "Save". You now have a group of companies to target for potential candidates!


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