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Quick Search is a very powerful, easy to access tool that lets you get right where you want to be as quickly as possible. In this article, we will show you how to use Quick Search to find People.

Quick Search is available at the top of every page inside Clockwork. When you click inside the field, you will see the People category selection appear. Clicking on that category will expand a menu that lets you choose other categories on which to perform a quick search. In our case, we are searching for People, so click there:

As you begin typing, Quick Search matches the first three typed characters within the People database that match that search string. You can also see a scrollable suggestions list of people.
Each person in the suggested list has the following information:

  • Preferred or first email the person record
  • Avatar
  • Summary Position
  • Phone Number

Additional Quick Search Rules:

  • Phone Numbers and Emails are active and hyperlinked:
    Clicking on the phone number will dial in your default call application in your browser. 
    Clicking on the Email will open your email client.
  • If a person has following flags on, they will show in the drop down: Project icon, Deal Icon, Client Icon, Do Not Contact Icon.
  • Select from List, either by mouse or keyboard navigation, the user will be taken to the selected person record.
  • Press enter or search while cursor is in search field, user will be taken to all matches.


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