Remove Candidates from a Project

You can remove a candidate from a project simply by changing their Candidate Status to Remove from Project.

Click "Projects" in the main menu.

You will be directed to the Projects page. Click on a Project. You can also use the Quick Search in the upper right corner for faster access.

A submenu will open and the Candidates area will be visible. Select the Candidate you would like to remove, Click the Status box next to their name. From the pop-up window, scroll to the bottom and select Remove From Project.

Alternatively, candidates can be Removed from a Project in Grid View, one by one or in bulk.

Please note: You can only remove someone from a project if they do not have any project-related notes on their record. To see if someone has project-related notes associated  to their record:

Click the Candidate's name, to open the Candidate Panel and navigate to the Notes section.

Project related notes will display the Project Title near the date and time stamp instead of the Candidate's Name.

Once you have deleted all project-related notes from the person's Candidate Record, you can then change their Candidate Status to Remove from Project.


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