On-Demand Company Enrichment

The Clockwork On-Demand Company Enrichment Integration uses Nubela to connect your Firm Database with LinkedIn Company Profiles. You can use this integration to update candidates records one by one or in bulk. Reports for the total records updated over any period of time are found in the Integrations tab, in the Nubela Integration Section, under the Integration Report header.

Profile Data retrieved includes:
Name, Company Description (Website and Size), Public or Private Held, Founded Year, Tagline, Universal Name ID, Company Profile, Industry, Funding Details, Advisors, Company Type, Size, and Imagery.

Individual Profile Enrichment

On-Demand Company Enrichment (OCE) is a manual function that requires you to update the record in Company View, individually, in the Company Panel, and in Bulk following the Bulk Edit process. 

The following example displays how to update a company record individually.

Bulk Profile Enrichment

On-Demand Company Enrichment (OCE) also provides the ability to bulk update records all at one time in Company View. Select all of your desired records and select “Update Profiles”.

Pro Tip: Use the Settings filter in Company View to filter by Companies with a LinkedIn URL so you can import without any skipped profiles.

The Integration Report posts the number of Company Records Updated, Records Skipped, and Total Records:

  • Update records with a valid LinkedIn URL that received data from the integration
  • Skipped are records with no linked in URL or an invalid LinkedIn URL

Counts for each type (On Demand and Recurring) are hyperlinked to a filtered view in the company's view.

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