Companies: Bulk Edit

Company records can be edited in Bulk. This allows for quick and efficient editing of global values such as Industries, Investors, Regions and Tags. You can also bulk edit Custom Fields if those fields are single or multiple select lists. 
Note: Users can not do bulk edits with more than 50 company records at a time.

Navigate to Companies view to select your desired companies, in order to trigger Bulk Edit and open the Bulk Edit modal.

Add or Remove respective field values by using the labeled drop downs.
Once your selections are complete. Click “Apply” and then “Save” to complete your actions.

Once the updates have completed, it will require you to refresh your view. Refresh the page to see your Companies Records with their new values.

User can Add or Remove:

  • Tag
  • Investor
  • Industry
  • Preferred Industry
  • Preferred Region
  • Region
  • Country
  • Specialty
  • Any Firm Specific Custom Field that is a single or multiple select list.
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