Custom Fields: Deals

This article will walk Users through creating the Deals Custom Field in the Firm Settings, and creating a Deal. By the end of this article Users will know how to apply the custom field to the Deal and how to filter using the same custom fields.

Access your “Firm Settings”.

Click the "Custom Fields" tab. This is where you can add and manage all of your Custom Fields. Click “+Add Custom Field” to add your customization.

Users can add Deals custom fields including Single Select, Multiple Select, or Text field in the Add Custom Field Modal. The text field will help as a search feature when looking for your Deal.

**IF Database LookUp is selected, the list entry window is removed from view and the Database LookUp drop down is displayed. In this situation, Companies is the default choice.

In this article we will continue with the Database Lookup checked in. After you click “Save” there will be a notice at the top of your screen displaying “Firm Field has been created”.

Once your Custom Deal has been created, navigate to the deals page to create it.

Users can enter the Deal Name, which is a required field. Entering the Company Name is not required. If the Company Name is not found in the database, you will see an alert text that a new company will be created.

The Lead/User can be selected by clicking the drop down. Entering the source and source note are another optional feature.

Deal size and Currency type should be selected here. Users should default to the Firm Currency type. Following, there is a slider to change the Likelihood of that deal. The values increase and decrease in increments of 10(%), with a weighted value.

The last text field is so users can enter About this Deal text.

Lastly, users can Enter Custom Field Data for all Deals Custom Fields. Selecting the dropdown button displays the companies list for the custom field.
Reminder: We chose the Database Lookup with Companies.

Click “Apply” to add the companies to your deal. You will see a number appear next to the custom deals name, showing the amount you have selected.

After selecting “Create”, refresh the page and the created deal will appear.


Selecting the filter button will provide you with what you can use when looking up a deal.


In order to edit the Deals Custom Field, Users select the deal and press edit in the table view.

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