Custom Fields: Project

The Project Custom Field is an Add On Service for Pro Tier Firms. The custom field selections must be requested and turned on by the Firms’ Account Manager.

Users can Search Project Custom fields in Project view. 

Creating the custom field, users will have to go into the Firm Settings and click on the “Custom Fields” tab and you will find the “Add Custom Field” button.

Custom Field table includes an object column letting the user know whether it is a Person or a Project field.

Note: Only Text fields are available for project custom field.

Users can not change the object or field type once a field is created. 
You can “Edit” the Field Name and Field Helper Text after the custom field has been created.

Users can delete the custom field using the same steps to “Edit”.

Admin View

After creating the custom field in your Firm Settings, navigate to the Admin section of your desired project. Scroll down to Add/Edit in the custom field. 

 Adding to the Custom Field section in Admin View will help advance your search in the Project View. 

Users can add the keywords in the text field that appears and click “Save”. This setting will allow users with a lot of projects to search for specific projects by using the saved keywords in the custom field.

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