Project Dashboard: In and Out Charts

Within the Projects Dashboard you can see an overview of your Candidates "In Process" and those that are "Out."

1. Click "Projects" in the main menu and then Click "Dashboard" within the submenu. 

2. The In Process and Out Sections show a count and percentage of the total Candidates with In Statuses and Out Statuses respectively.
*Note: Click "Recent Candidates" link inProcess to open the panel to view the candidates list.

3. Both Sections default to a list view and can display a bar chart view by clicking on the Visualization hyperlink in the top right hand corner. Clicking on specific statuses in the chart legend will hide the status from view in the chart. Hiding the Status does not remove it from the chart, candidates, or Project.

*If you would like to hide the In Process and Out Sections from your Client's Dashboard you can do so by toggling on/off the Visibility Settings as shown here

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