People: Filters

Below is an overview of how to use Filters in the People View.

1. Click the "filters icon."

2. A Filters pop-up window will appear. You can select or de-select any filters you would like to be available for your search. Click "apply" when done.

Note: Unchecked boxes are Custom Fields.

3. Click the "expand/collapse" icon to the right of the search box to see your selected Filters. They will appear under the search box. Filters are also viewable once a user clicks into the search box.

4. Each Filter selected has an expanded search criteria within. Click on each Filter to view a pop up window with the additional search criteria. Once search criteria have been set click "search."

Job Title
You can filter for Current, Past, Past, Not Current and Undated

  • Current: Current has a timeline which is ongoing OR  “Present” Has start date and no end date
  • Past: All job titles related to past; Not Current: Only previous job titles, Present job titles won’t be considered 
  • Undated: Has no date or timeline reference 

You can filter for All, Current, Past, Past, Not Current and Undated.

Candidate Status
You can filter for Current , Current at Least, Peak and Peak at Least (these are effected by status order in Configure)

  • Current - Current status on active project
  • Peak - Highest status attained. it is a status that they were at least at some point.
  • Current at Least - A candidate on an active project currently with at least X status or higher
  • Peak at Least - A candidate on any project, active or closed, with at least X status or higher. 

On Project
Filter on any Project

Status <> Project Link
If you have both the Status filter and the Project filter visible with data selected in them, you will see a Link button appear between them. 

Click the link to narrow your search for the desired statuses within the selected projects only!

Filter by Project Tags. Search for Multiple Tags by using the AND/OR slider.

Relocation Preferences
Filter by the preference of relocation. Each Candidate will be able to toggle NO/YES if they are willing to relocate for a position.

You can filter for Has Email, Has Phone Number, Has Resume, Has DNC, On a Project, Has LinkedIn, Is a User in Firm, Is a Client and Work Remotely. Once filtered by select setting, you can choose to toggle Yes/No for your search.

By toggling the switch to No, you can locate all the people that do NOT have the item in focus. For example, all the people without a LinkedIn URL.

Filter by the Relationships Status used in a candidates person record.
Filter for Overlapped With, Knows, Indirectly Manages, Indirectly Managed By, Directly Manages, Directly Managed By, Friend Of, Partnered With, Managed, Managed By, Referred and Referred By.

Use the People dropdown option to find people from your database and lookup a desired person and their relation.

Filter for a pre-selected date range or Custom date range. Filter for Person Created, Person Updated, Last Import, Last Note Update, Last Candidacy.

You can filter your search by the Region of candidates.

Filter by Location.

Filter by Users in your Firm.

Note Type
You Filter by desired Note Types and pin-point a specific note using the date feature.

Filter by desired Compensation ranges of the Firm and/or the Candidate. 

The Bonus can be altered by Percentage and Cash.
The Equity can be altered by  Percentage, 
Cash and Share.

Custom Fields
You can Filter single select or multiple select PeopleCustom Fields by selecting the custom field from the filter selection modal. Once the field is available to you, you select any possible field value or "(Blank)". Selecting Blank allows you to find all the people that do not have a value for that specific custom field.

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