Firm Settings: Deactivate a User

Subscription Services - Deactivating User Seats

All Subscription services contracts Terms are annual or multi-annual, whether they are paid with annually or in monthly installments payment terms. 

User Seats can be deactivated any time throughout the term of the annual subscription. You can still access that user Seat and can invite other users to utilize those Seats for the remainder of your subscription contract Term. 

Deactivating a user does not change your Seat License Fee and Payment Obligation. The Seat License and Payment Obligation will remain until the end of your contract term. You will not be issued a refund (for annual payment terms) or have your monthly fee obligation lowered (for monthly payment terms) even if that Seat license is not utilized. For example, if you start with 2 contract Seats for a 1-year contract and then deactivate one user at of the second month of your contract, you will still have 2 contract Seats on your Account until the end of your annual subscription Term, and you will be responsible to pay for that unused Seat according to your contract terms. 

At the end of your subscription term you can change the number of licensed Seats by providing written notice not less than ninety (90) days prior to your contract renewal date.

Your assigned role in Clockwork must either be 'Partner' or 'Admin' to deactivate users. 

1. Click the Users tab for a line item list of all users within your Firm.

2. Scroll to the user that you would like to deactivate and click the "menu icon." A drop down box will appear with the following options: 
Send Invite, Edit or Deactivate. Select Deactivate.

A small window will pop up confirming that you would like to continue with the Deactivation.

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