Long List: Table Interactions

Trigger Candidate Panel
Within Long List you can trigger or prompt the Candidate Panel to open. Simply click the name of the Candidate - this will populate the Candidate Panel window.

The Candidate Panel opens and functions the same as the Candidate Panel found within Grid View.

 Sortable Columns

At the top will be column names that you can click on to sort. When you do click on one, a small arrow will appear to the right of the column name indicating the direction of the sort. Trigger to header of column will sort in ascending then descending order.

Sorted from Ascending to Descending Status (notice the arrow pointing up then down).

Adjustable Columns
Adjust the width of each column to your liking. Hovering your mouse cursor over the column dividing lines prompts an arrow allowing the adjustments

*Notice the width difference below - thinner column width.

Save Preferences
Save your column selections by clicking the "Arrow" button next to the Gear icon.

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