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Long List
Long List allows you to easily share potential candidates with clients in a way that displays just enough information to quickly review together and receive the high-level feedback you need at this stage of the project. There’s no need to get into the weeds at this point—just information like name, company, and current position. It sets the stage for an efficient yes/no review and recommended pivots to allow your team to move onto the Outreach stage with the confidence you’re headed in the right direction.

The Long List supports our core mission: improving how you and your clients collaborate on retained search projects so you can develop the trust and confidence that leads to long-lasting partnerships and more of the work you want.

**Please Note: The candidate visibility Toggles are associated with the Project Summary Panel in the Project: Dashboard.

Long List Visibility
To enable/disable the Long List tab from Client View, simply toggle the button to on. 

1. From the Projects page, click Long List from the sidebar then click the "gear" icon. A window will populate, toggle the Long List Visibility setting to "On".

Candidates Included
Select which Candidates you would like to be included in the Long List. To do this select the "Gear" icon which will then populate a new window with the options: All Candidates or Only Visible Candidates.

You may also select the Data that you would like included and visible within the Long List tab. Simply check the box next to the information you would like to appear within Long List.

Unread Notes Indicator

If a red circle appears next to a candidate's name this indicates that notes have been added to that candidate that have been unread. 

You can click on the candidate to access the Candidate Panel to read the notes. Once read the red indicator will disappear indicating the notes have been read.

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