Firm Settings: Licensed Seats

As a Firm you will now be able to see how many seats you are using and have the ability to request more seats if needed.

This feature allows the Partner and Admin roles to view seats consumed. When a new User is added and the seat count is reached or surpassed, the Firm Partner or Admin will be shown a pop up message to inform about this and the CSL (CW) team will get an email about the same.

* Message: You are adding more active users than you have seats. We will reach out to you shortly to discuss any changes to your contract seat licenses and payment terms. This is an informational message and they won’t be stopped from adding Users.

Locate Licensed Seat & User Numbers
1. Click on "Firm Settings".

2. Click over to the "Users" tab. Here you will see the number of Total Users and the number of Seats associated with your Firm.

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