Advanced Import Templates

If you are an advanced Clockwork user who is familiar with Excel and the data you would like to import is beyond the basics, this template will be of some help.

Process and Logic

  • Blank values in well-named column headers are ignored. This means that source information can be sparsely populated in the column headers
  • Poorly named column headers (column header names that do not conform to acceptable column headers) are ignored. All values within these file formats are ignored.
  • must be saved as CSV (comma separated files) format. The import process expects the source files to be saved in UTF-8 format

List of Fields

There is a large range of fields accepted by Clockwork. In case needed you can always refer to our Data Glossary

Advanced Long CSV template

This is a full profile sample that shows all the columns of data that can be imported for a single record, as well as how multiple values can be included:

Name email_address email_address_type notes mobile_phone profile_picture_url linkedin_url business_region biography position_title position_company position_start_year position_2_title position_2_company position_2_start_year position_2_end_year position_3_title position_3_company position_3_start_month position_3_start_year position_3_end_month position_3_end_year position_4_title position_4_company position_4_start_year position_4_end_year position_5_title position_5_company position_5_start_year position_5_end_year position_6_title position_6_company position_6_start_month position_6_start_year position_6_end_month position_6_end_year position_7_title position_7_company position_7_start_month position_7_start_year position_7_end_month position_7_end_year position_8_title position_8_company position_8_start_month position_8_start_year position_8_end_month position_8_end_year position_9_title position_9_company position_9_start_month position_9_start_year position_9_end_month position_9_end_year position_10_title position_10_company position_10_start_month position_10_start_year position_10_end_month position_10_end_year position_11_title position_11_company position_11_start_month position_11_start_year position_11_end_month position_11_end_year position_12_title position_12_company position_12_start_year position_12_end_year education_school education_degree education_start_year education_end_year education_2_school education_2_degree education_2_start_year education_2_end_year education_3_school Tags Note

Example Advanced Import Template

Including Project Information

People can be imported to your database and also associated with a project. The following articles assist with this detail.

Glossary - The Candidacies section provides information relevant to Projects

Importing to Projects - This article shows you where to find relevant project information to populate in your data file. 

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