Client Team Avatars

In this article, we will show you how to Navigate through the entire process of inviting and removing clients from a  Project.

First, navigate to the project you would like to manage. Click on Projects in the main menu, find the working  Project and click on its name:

Invite Client to Project.
Find the list of  clients in their respective panel.  Click the "+"  icon.

A new window will populate so you can add in the Clients information to send out the invite. If the Client is in your People Database then the information will fill in after choosing the pre-select from the dropdown.
Please Note: The "Add Only" feature will allow you to add the person as a Client without sending the client invite.

The Client Invite message can be sent with a custom written message or with a Template in the Configure: Note Templates.

Client Team Avatar

Within the panel you will be able to view all the Clients associated with the project.
An overview of all the actionable items within the panel is shown below when hovering over the client icon.

  • The small checked box indicates whether or not the Client will receive notifications regarding project activity. Uncheck the box to ensure no notifications are sent to the Client.
  • Hovering over & clicking the envelope underneath the Clients image allows you to re-invite that particular Client to the project.
  • Clicking the "x" at the end of the icon list removes the Client from the project. 
  • The small text beneath the Clients title lets you know whether the Client has viewed the project and if so, the last lime the project was viewed.

Hovering over the "sent" envelope of each Clients Avatar populates the email you sent the Client invite to, to double check the email address the invite was sent to.

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