Research Criteria: Rate Candidates

Candidate Rating in Grid View:
When Research Criteria questions are present on a project, an additional “Rating” column is available in grid view. In this version, Ratings are only available in Grid View and are only visible to Firm Users. There is no visibility setting available to share the ratings with Clients.

 All questions saved in the Research Criteria card will appear in the modal with a single comment box at the end. 

Rate a Candidate:
1. Click the "Rating Value or Star" in the respective candidate row and a rating modal will open.

2. The Criteria Questions will populate allowing you to rate the Candidate according to each created question. You have the option of giving each Candidate a 1-5 star rating. Please note that Candidates can be re-rated as many times as a firm would like. There is no record of who performed the rating or who last edited the rating. The Research Criteria questions are not weighted. If a question is skipped it negatively impacts the rating. All questions hold the same value against the average.

3. Once you have completed your ratings please remember to click "Save".

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