Person Icons Explained

When you view a person in the People menu, you may notice these four icons after the Person's full name:

  • Green person icon: indicates the person is a Candidate on a Project. A red person icon indicate the person is a Candidate on multiple Projects.
  • Suitcase icon w/ red slash: means that this person is not available for relocation. 
  • Red Circle w/ strike line: this is a warning that this person is not to be contacted.
  • Orange person icon indicates that the person has been added as a Client to a Project or Projects. This includes past Projects that might have been closed.

Mousing over the " Green" icon will list all the Projects the person is a Candidate on. 

Mousing over the " Orange" icon will list up to 3 projects the person is a Client on. If their are more than 3 projects the person is associated with then a 4th line with a link will display "More". Clicking on these links will take you to the Projects tab page under the Person record.

These icons are very helpful when you are running through the candidates and offer you a quick glance at their current status. They are also very easy to edit or remove when necessary.

Removing Icons
You can easily remove icons associated with a person. Note that the first icon (user icon) will automatically disappear once you have removed the person from any existing projects.

1. Within the People page locate the person that you would like to make icon changes to. Click the Candidate to access their respective page.

2. When you are on the person's page, scroll down until you see Do Not Contact and/or No Relocation then click "Edit".

3. To remove the Do Not Contact icon for this Candidate, uncheck the Do Not Contact box and click "Save". The Do Not Contact icon will no longer appear next to the Candidate's name. You can also edit the No Relocation setting within this window too.

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