Email Integration Setup

Email Integration is a Pro feature that can be turned on in your Firm Settings. Once on, individual User accounts can be setup as follows.

Firm Configuration:
1. Go to Firm Settings

2. Select the "Settings" tab then open the Features dropdown and scroll to "Email Integration". Toggle the "Email Integration" slider to "On".

Now that Email Integration is turned on, let's now properly configure for successful connection and integration.


1. Go to Profile then scroll down to "Email Setup".

2. Click the "Sign in with Google" to set up the connection & configurations.

3. Click "Begin Authentication".

4. IF you receive a notice to verify Clockwork then please click "Advanced" and it will lead you into the next step.

5. Click "Allow" and your setup will be authenticated and completely setup. You're all set! 


1. Go to Profile then scroll down to "Email Setup".

2. Click the "Sign in with IMAP" to set up the connection & configurations.

Please Note: Currently having a Multi-Factor Authenticator or 2 Step Authenticator turned on for Outlook will block the connection for the Email Integration.

3.You will need to enter your Email / Username, Email Password then the proper Server, Port & SSL information specific to your email type:

  • Server:
  • Port: 993
  • SSL: Yes

4. Once you have entered in all of your information then click "Test Connection".

If the connection is not successful, please look at your error message and compare it to the list of errors here.

Notifications of Disconnected Email Integration

Clockwork sends web push (if subscribed), email and in app notifications for disconnected email integrations.

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