Email Integration: Error Troubleshooting

The error messages that you may experience within the Email Setup box:

LOGIN failed

This error message is showing that the email or password is incorrect. Please use the password associated with your email that you are setting up, and NOT the password you use for Clockwork.

To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below.

1. Go to your Profile then to Email Setup and click "Edit".
001.jpg2. Remove the current email and put in a secondary email along w/ the email password and click "Save".
002.jpg3. Once saved, return to the same screen and input the correct email address you use with Clockwork. Type in the password to your email account, ensure the other settings are correct and click "Save".

Unable to connect to email server. Error message

This message is informing the user that the incorrect Server / IMAP Host details has been placed into that area of the Email Setup. In this example, the imap credentials were put in incorrectly.

Correct Server / IMAP credentials:

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

This is another error message that shows after Testing the Connection. This error is related to another incorrect Server / IMAP Host credentials. The correct credentials can be found above.

Error message: Invalid credentials (Failure)

The invalid credentials error is related to incorrect Email or Password. For this example, I used an incorrect password.

Unable to connect to email server. Error message: Timed out while connecting to server

This error message is related to the application timing out after trying to connect to credentials that does not exist. 

Alternatively, the time-out is for security purposes and the server will block the email address you've entered.

What we are attempting to do with the troubleshooting is as follows:

1. Ensure that you are using the correct Email Password in the Password section. Please be sure you are using your email password and NOT your CW user password.

2. Refreshing the system - sometimes their is a time-out for security purposes and the server will block the email address you've entered.

If all refreshes and the correct password is entered - you should receive a green message at the top right hand corner showing Email Last Checked: date/time.

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