Move Candidates Between Projects

This article will detail how to move Candidates between Projects. 

1. Click "Projects" in the main menu.

2. You will be directed to the Projects page. Click on a Project. You can also use the Quick Search in the upper right corner for faster access.

3. Click "Grid View." This will take you to the Grid View page where you can bulk edit your Candidates.

4. Once in Grid View, select the Candidates you would like to move. Then Click "Add." A drop down list will appear with several options. In this instance you will Click "Add" from the drop down list. 

5. An "Add Projects" box will appear next to the Add icon. You can start typing into this box to bring up a Project or Click in the box to see a drop down of Projects. 

6. Once you have selected the Projects you'd like added, Click "Done" to complete the Project addition. 

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