Clients: Reset Password

If your client has forgotten their password, you can have them go to the login page and click ' Forgot Password?' and they will be prompted to enter in their Account Email. From there, have them click the blue Send Link button. A link will be sent to their email which allows a password reset.

If needed, you can also change your client's password for them from your firm admin page following the steps below:

NOTE: Only Clockwork users with the role of Partner are able to change client passwords. To check which role you have, click into your firm Admin screen, then click into your Users tab. Scroll down to find your picture and user record. Your role will be shown there.  

1. Navigate to your firm Admin screen by clicking your icon on the upper right corner of the screen and choosing Profile from the menu. Click on the Clients tab, scroll down to find your client who needs a password change, and click on the edit icon.

Please note: If you see a note that reads "This user is tied to a multi-firm account" that means you cannot help them with their password change as it affects their ability to log in to other firms that they are a member of. At this time, you should direct your client to email us for assistance. Contact: 

2. Click Change password:

4. Enter your current password then re-enter the new password for your client. Don't forget to hit Update to save your changes:


Reset Forgotten Password

Change Password

Change Account Username or Email Address

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