Change Account Username or Email Address

Here, we will show the process of changing your login username and email address inside Clockwork.

Change Username
Change Email Address

Change Username

To change your Account Username, navigate to the People  database by selecting People in the main menu, then find your name and click on the name.

In your People panel, you will need to select the Contact Info and click Edit.

Update your name in the name field. Once you are done editing your name and other details, click Save:

It is very important to note that this same Contact Info screen is not where you should change your account email address. The email address stored in this area is not used for your Clockwork Recruiting account login. We will cover the process of changing your Clockwork account email address below.

Change Email Address

To change your Clockwork account login email address, click on the circle in the top-right corner with your name or initials, then choose Profile in the drop-down menu

Select the Your Profile view, and click Edit.

Look for the Edit link, and click it to to enable editing in your email address field. Make the desired changes, and confirm your password. Then the Update will highlight blue.


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