Import Contacts via CSV

In this article, you will learn how to import many People into your database with a CSV import. The process is simple in terms of interfacing with the Clockwork platform. However, if you have more than 10 contacts or have candidates with lots of details, you should schedule enough time to prepare your data import. Please refer to this article for more information on how to prepare the data correctly.

If you would like to import your data without the help of our Data Service then we encourage uploading 3-5 records to confirm that you are importing your contacts correctly. Then Importing the rest into your People Database.

Using the following link, you will have access to the Person csv import template .

First, navigate to the People page by clicking on the People menu option. Click the menu button near the top right corner. Select "Import CSV File":

On this new window, you can read more about the import process. Download a sample CSV file and populate it with the contact details that you have. Drag and drop or click in the blue field to upload your filled-up CSV file, and click Import to complete the process. You will see a message showing your import progress, and the results of the import will also be emailed to you:

If you want to import your contacts directly to a project and with a preset Candidate status, you will need to locate your Project ID. Follow the steps in this article and take note of your Project ID.

Once you have noted your Project ID, head over to the CSV file for importing. Add the following columns:

  • Candidate_status - This must reflect your Firm's Candidate Statuses (optional; if this is not populated the candidate will default to researching status)
  • Project_ID
Please Note: If you want to put in multiple Tags, Custom Fields, etc. then they must be separated by a semicolon(;).
Example: Tech; Marketing; VP

When you import this CSV file with the added columns, you should find your newly imported candidates under your project  with their designated statuses.

Remember, this process can be easy with small data sets, or formidable with very large data sets. We did not cover all the details of data preparation in this short article. Please refer to our full article series on Importing Data for more information and support.


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