Manually Add a Candidate

Adding a candidate manually to the People database is easy. Doing it manually is preferable if you are only adding a few candidates, otherwise, you can opt to add candidates using the import CSV feature.

Follow these quick easy steps to add a candidate.

Begin by navigating to the People menu item to your left [1]. Then click on the Add Person button to the top right [2]:

Add a Person Manually

2. A new small window will appear. It will have three text fields where you can input the name of the candidate (required), their e-mail, and their LinkedIn URL. Simply enter the necessary information and click the Add button:

Add Person Menu

3. Their contact info tab will automatically load which confirms that you have successfully added the candidate:

Contact Info Tab

4. A faster way to add a person with more contact information is by loading in their information from LinkedIn with the Contact Grabber app.


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