Upload a Logo for a Client's Company

If you are ever stuck, wondering how to upload a Logo for a client's company, then keep on reading as we lay out the steps on how to do it.

1. Pull up the company’s record by searching for the company either from the Companies menu item on the left-hand side or from the Quick Search bar at the top-right corner of your screen.

2. Once the company page opens, you will automatically be brought to the Contact Info tab. On the middle-right of the screen, find and click the blue Edit button.

3. Click on the Upload new logo text link, and click the Choose file button to select the image file by clicking the of your logo from your computer. Once you have done that, click the Save Changes button at the bottom-right of the page. The new logo will now be saved on the company’s record and will appear on any projects you perform for the client company and any reports you export for them.

* As optimal Company Logo dimensions, we recommended the following size:  212 px  x  50 px

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