Companies: Merge/Unmerge

In some instances, after importing candidates via parsed resumes or alternative resources, you may find the need to merge duplicate company records.

1. To find the companies you want to merge, click on the Companies menu item on the left-hand side of the screen. Type in a keyword on the text search field, and then click the Search button.

2. Once the results appear, tick the box on the left side of the two companies you wish to merge. Then, click the Apply to 2 companies drop-down.

3. Select Merge from the drop-down.

4. Select the Name of the company record that you want the duplicates to be merged into, and then click the Merge button.

5. Upon pressing the Merge button, you will be taken to the consolidated company record. (Example: Google Inc. was merged in Google). You will also find a confirmation text that signifies the completion of the process.

Unmerge Companies

Inside of the Company record, in the Relationship Tab. Click the "Promote to own company" button to remove the merged company from the list of Aliases.

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