Do Not Contact Label Explained

When you are creating a project, you will see the option to mark your client’s company with a Do Not Contact label.

The Do Not Contact label can be used for any client(s) with whom you have a non-compete clause. If your non-compete begins once the project closes, you will have an opportunity to apply it to the project close date, instead of the start of the project.

This will apply the Do Not Contact icon to any of your contacts who are currently employed by that client company, in addition to the company itself.  This icon will display throughout Clockwork on all relevant contacts to serve as a reminder to your team that they are off limits for candidacy. 

For a contact to be considered currently employed by a client company,  they must have a start date and no end date associated with that company. If you include an end date to the Do Not Contact status, it will automatically be removed from the company and all employees on that date. 

Issue With Removing Do Not Contact From Candidate:
*Please note: If a Candidate is associated with a Company that is marked as "Do Not Contact', then the "DNC" label will also be applied to all Candidates within that Company.

You can find which Companies a Candidate is associated with by reviewing their "Positions" tab on their contact card.

To remove the "DNC" label from a contact you will need to remove the "DNC" label from the company. Please remember you can manage the "Do Not Contact" option at the "Peoples" level rather than "Company".

Finding Do Not Contact Companies

1. To find audit companies marked as Do Not Contact, head over to your Companies by clicking the Companies menu item on your left. When the page loads, click the Settings filter drop-down in the Header. If it is not in the header then start by clicking the Blue box towards the right of the screen to expand the Companies Filter Panel.

Select "DNC" and change the slider to YES to filter by Companies that have DNC on their record.

2. Contacts who are currently under a Do Not Contact will have a red stop symbol listed

3. If there is an active DNC Company Flag AND an Active Company DNC Flag end date, the above point will remain true if the current date is not more than the end date. 

As long as the current date is has not passed the end date then the DNC will show on the people record inside of that company until it passes that date.

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