Pendulum Mail Hook Explained

The Pendulum mail hook allows you to send an email to a contact and have a copy of that email automatically saved as a note on the person's contact record inside Clockwork.

*Pendulum cannot be used for user to user email. Any email sent to a user of the firm will not be captured and an error will occur. 
*If an additional email is tied to a profile and that email exists already on a CW profile, emails will also capture as notes in the other person records. 

Pendulum Email Inside Clockwork
Pendulum Email Outside Clockwork
Finding Your General Pendulum Email Address
Finding a Project Specific Pendulum Email Address

Pendulum Email Inside Clockwork

1. Start off by navigating to the People page through the main menu, then find the person you want to send an email to. Click on their name to open up their contact record. You will then see and click on their email address within their Contact Record.

2. A new blank email text field will pop up using whichever mail client your computer is set to default to (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc.). You will see your Clockwork pendulum email address in the BCC of the email. Please note that the Pendulum email address featured in this screenshot is for demo purposes only. You must go through these steps in your own account to capture your own specific Pendulum email address:

Pendulum Email Outside Clockwork

3. To get the email notes added to your contact records when sending emails outside of Clockwork, you must do the following:

  • Send the email from the same email address you use to login to Clockwork.
  • Send the emails to an email address that is saved on the person's contact record in Clockwork. 
  • Enter your Pendulum email address as a BCC in the email. Please refer to steps 5-9 below to find out what your Pendulum email address is.

4. We highly recommend you save the Pendulum email address for your firm as a contact in your email program to make it easy to add as a BCC every time you send an email to a candidate or client.

Finding Your General Pendulum Email Address

5. An alternate method of finding your General Pendulum Email address is through your Profile page. Navigate there by clicking on the circle in the top right corner with your initials or profile image, then selecting Profile:

6. Once you are inside the Profile page, click on the Firm tab and look for your firm's Pendulum Email:

7. Again, we recommend you save the Pendulum email address as a contact in your email program (named "Clockwork Pendulum," for example). Your Pendulum Email is unique to you, so it will be different than the example shown above.


Finding Your Project Specific Pendulum Email Address

It's best to use your firm's general pendulum email address when sending email correspondence that is not related to any active project in particular. However, each search project has its own separate pendulum email address that will tie your email correspondence to that particular project. If you want to log email communication relating to an active project, you will want to use your project's pendulum email address.

8. Follow these steps to locate a Project Pendulum Email. First, open the Projects listing by clicking on the Project option in the main menu then find the project you are working on and click on its title:

9. Click on the Admin tab and scroll down until you find the project's specific Pendulum Email address:


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