Google Integration: Docket

The Google Integration updates the Task Panel to the Docket Panel. The Docket Panel provides the ability to connect Docket Events in Clockwork to your Google Calendar. You can add, edit, decline, and remove Events created in Google directly in Clockwork or vice versa. The Add Event form  also provides a space to add a location and a meeting link if necessary for the event.

Tasks are still available in the Docket panel. To review more on Tasks, see the Task support article here.


There are 6 filters in the Docket Panel to sort through and control your view.

All Record
All Record provides the option to display and filter between Calendar Events, Tasks, or Both.

The User Filter has two options to filter between yours and team members Events or Task. 
Participant and Organizer are in relation to Calendar Events.

The Status filter is the current standing of your Event or Task.

All Types
The Types filter allows users to display only specific types of Events or Tasks.

The Date filter allows you to choose a Custom time frame or preset time frame to find your desired Events or Task: 
Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, This Quarter, This Year ,Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, Since Inception

The Context filters what the Event or Task is related to when it was created.

Add Event or Task

Click the blue circle in the bottom-right corner to “Add”. At the top of the header there is a dropdown to select between Task and Event.

Choosing Event will allow the capability to create a calendar invite.

Enter a Title for your Events and select the type.

You can correlate Events with People, Projects, Companies, and Deals through the Context drop downs. Select the Context and then use the search filter to find your desired record. 

Context can have addition selections (up to 4). Context is allowed one per type. For example, uou can select one People, Project, Company, and Deal at one time.

If you select People twice for the context then you will receive an error notice. 

Select the Date and Time the Events should be complete. If the Events has a duration you can enter an end time.

Participants and Location

Participants is related to Calendar Events. Participants are the people you are inviting to this meeting.

If the meeting is in person then you have a space to include the address.

Clicking Make this a Teams Meeting will automatically add a link to the event.

Event Email

This is the Event email that will be sent out to all participants in the Event.

Docket Symbols

Once the event is created, then it will display in the Docket Panel. The highlighted area below will show you the list of people invited. If there is a green checkmark, then the person has accepted the invite and will have it on their calendar. If there is a red “X” then they have denied the meeting.

Please Note: You can see who responded to the invite, it captures updates on a 60 minute clock.

Clicking “View more” will provide all information related to the event.

Clicking “More” will display the contents of the email that was sent to all participants.

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