Google Integration: Email Tab

The Email tab inside of the Person Panel will display the captured email correspondence for each User that has the Integration connected. Users with Admin or Partner role are the only users with the ability to delete emails. 

Emails that are sent or received from Google are captured in Clockwork. If an email is deleted from your email client and it was captured by Clockwork then it will still be available in Clockwork. The Partner or Admin in Clockwork will have to delete the email thread.

Full details on Email in the Person Panel is available here.

Please Note: If a firm has a specific domain entered in “Ignore Specific Domain” in the Firm Settings, all communications with only recipients of that domain are skipped and not logged.

Send Email

Sending Emails from Clockwork using the Google Integration, can be accomplished in the Email Thread, using the Compose icon in the bottom right hand corner. . You can send to people in and outside of your people database. 

Using the Integration and the Document Default Root, you can upload documents from OneDrive to attach them to your email. If you add a document from your local device and send it through the email then the uploaded document will be moved to your Google Drive.

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