Person Panel: Notes & Email View

The Person Panel: Notes and Email view provides the capability to send a Note and Email from one place. This article will detail all features including how to send, edit, and delete Notes/Emails related to a person's record.

Resizing the Mentions, Notes, and Email Panel.


Start by clicking on the “Notes hyperlink. In the bottom-right corner and there will be a blue circle with a “+” symbol inside of it to create a new Note.

The three dropdown menus at the top of the text field are your options for:

  • Note Templates, have to be created in the Firm Settings: Configure View.
  • Note Type, can be altered in the Firm Settings: Configure view. The Note Type also helps with analytics and understanding which Note Types are being used the most and as a Filter option in People View.
  • Record, displays where the Note will be saved; Person Record or Candidate Record; related to a Project that the same person may be a candidate.

The Text Area of the note can be opened or minimized by dragging the highlighted area UP or DOWN. This creates more space if your notes are typically smaller or if you need more space to see the entire note without scrolling.

All Users, All Types, All Time, All contexts are filters so you can find your desired note by its category.

Click the “three dots” menu option to Edit, Reply, Pin Note, and Delete the note.

Note Visibility

Note visibility can be turned on once a project note is created and saved. Start by creating a project note. Selecting the "Filed in" box and select the desired project.
Save the project note
A visibility toggle will appear after save. Once the visibility toggle is ON then the note will reflect a green visibility indicator.

Note Edit

Note Reply

Note Delete


You can @ a user to tag them in a note. The tagged user will receive a notification corresponding to the selection(s) in the Notification Preference. You can search First and Last names with a space. Example:@ or #pragya(space)datta.

You can # an object (company, project or deal) to link to it in a note.

Once you begin typing a link to the Note, the objects will be split by their category. If you do not see your desired choice then clicking on the arrow at the end of the category will display the rest of your potential selections.
This feature is available immediately after you use the # to link.

Clicking on the Mentions slider will show us all notes that the User has been tagged in.


Clicking on the “Email" hyperlink and moving your mouse cursor over the desired email will highlight so you can click on it to see the contents inside of the email thread.

Email Delete

Moving the cursor over the message also allows the opportunity to delete an email thread from the Person’s record.

Inside of the email thread, move your mouse to the subject title and the Delete icon will appear.

Please Note: Only users with an Admin or Partner role can delete Emails in the Person Panel.

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